"There is no more war. There are no more gods. There is only the game. For the passion and the fame - it's two guns against the world."

THE GAME Gunsport is a two-on-two mini online eSport – it's cyperpunk volleyball with guns. The game is all about keeping the ball in the air, shooting it into a goal at a choice moment. The more times the ball passes the net, the more points it’s worth, upping the stakes with every pass. And your shots are limited, so you have to aim carefully, time your shots with care, and communicate with your teammate.

If you and your teammate are truly in sync, you can get off a team attack. Shoot the ball at the exact same time and it’ll go twice as fast – but your opponents can fire it right back at you if they’re drift compatible. Team-based weapon sets and stage-specific gimmicks give the game variety and flavor, but the biggest variety comes from other players, both online and off – unpredictable and ever-changing foes.

Coming to Stadia first, Summer of 2020.

THE STORY Gunsport takes place in an alternate future where humans have grown tired of war, and all countries have disarmed themselves. International disputes are now settled with the World's Game, Gunsport. It's the alternate future of Neo Tokyo, United Worker's Socialist Democracy, New Republic of Congo, Blue Cambodia, and the People's Republic of Oakland. Yes, there are a lot of Republics in the future. Neon lights and repurposed technology populate this world, filling it with a restless analog hum.

Each team has its own motivations, which may or may not match up with their countries reasons for entering this year's Gunsport tournament. Neo Tokyo wants to build a new factory on the moon‚ but UWSD wants that very same spot. Whether it's trade routes, or to prove their country's primacy in the sport, all that matters is the game.


Necrosoft has assembled a global team of pals to bring this game to life - from the U.S. to Sweden, to Poland, to Uruguay, our small team of developers hail from seven different countries across Europe and North and South America.

Let's Gunsport in the year 2020!


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